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You can be an artist

Making art doesn't sound very hard but many of us are filled with self-doubt. People ask themselves questions like: Am I good enough to be an artist? Will people think I'm being silly? What will my friends think? Many people think they don't have any ideas, or that ideas have to be really grand.
Let me tell you a secret: You are alreday having ideas you just don't recognize them as ideas you can use to make your own unique art. Ideas start off as tiny little entities that you turn into your unique art.
Let me show you how.

Bring a regular art making practice into your life

You will learn that there is no perfect time coming to make something. It’s not when you have that perfect space to make, or when you get that expensive new watercolour paint. It’s not when the house is totally quiet or when you have hours to spare. The time and place is anytime, wherever you can.
The time to make is now.
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